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Hello and welcome!

What’s Pshat? is a project dedicated to committed and creative Torah study. Our readers hail from over ninety different countries and span the gamut of Jewish educational and religious backgrounds—from those just beginning to learn Hebrew and to encounter Jewish texts, to day school teachers and principals, camp counselors and directors, pulpit rabbis and roshei Yeshiva, prominent academics in the fields of Bible and Jewish philosophy, and communal leaders of every stripe and kind. Together we turn to the Parshah each week, seeking guidance from its timeless teachings and striving to discover within it innovative insights that inspire us anew.

All of us, as students of the Torah, are heirs to a sacred tradition. It is a gift that has been carefully preserved in each generation and which now finds itself in our hands.

Let’s unpack that gift together.

Note: To read a write-up about What’s Pshat? published by Yeshiva University, please click here.

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