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Multiple Intelligences (Mikketz)

Preview: Many advisers tried to solve Pharaoh’s dreams, so how did Pharaoh know that Joseph’s interpretation was the correct one? The simple answer, if you think about it, is that he didn’t. Pharaoh couldn’t possibly know whose interpretation was correct. Why, then, did Joseph’s approach appeal to him most? Perhaps because Joseph offered something nobody else did: not only did Joseph explain what the dream meant, he also told Pharaoh – without ever being asked – what to do about that dream. Indeed, read the text carefully and it seems like this was what Pharaoh was really looking for all along: not a fancy theory explaining the esoteric content of his dreams, but rather, actionable advice that he could implement to solve both the challenges before him – the technical challenge (“What do these dreams mean?”) and the adaptive challenge (“What should I do about them?”)

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