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The Secret Chord (Eishet Chayil)

Preview: A theory: Eishet Chayil was written by Bat Sheva to warn Shlomo HaMelech against repeating the marital mistakes of his parents. Those mistakes were the ones forewarned about in our parshah. Indeed, read carefully and you’ll discover echoes of these laws playing themselves out throughout the lives of David, Bat Sheva, and Shlomo: (1) Bat Sheva was a quasi-yefat to’ar; (2) Natan’s parable plays off the law of the two wives; (3) Shlomo was apt to become a ben sorer u’moreh; (4) the book of Mishlei records the “mussar” which David and Bat Sheva gave their son to prevent this outcome (hence, for example, the book’s extensive focus on the “mussar” of parents, drawing repeatedly from the exact language of ben sorer u’moreh); (5) Eishet Chayil—the last chapter in Mishlei—constitutes the climax of this rebuke.

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